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Dianne Casoni Award

Dianne Casoni was an important collaborator of Info-Cult for more than 25 years, in addition to sitting on its board of directors for more than a decade. She was a prominent figure in research in the field of religion and cultic phenomena. In particular, Professor Casoni analyzed different elements of engagement or participation within various groups with a high level of control. She has also worked on issues relating to the relationship between the leader(s) and followers. Likewise, Dianne was interested in the link between the different group ideologies and their structure. Throughout her career, she worked closely with people who have lived in such groups, to better understand their experiences. Dianne has also worked on issues related to terrorism and more broadly, radicalization. As an experienced psychologist and psychoanalyst, she taught for over twenty years in the School of Criminology at the Université de Montréal.

In order to honour the memory of Dianne and to highlight her important contributions to research, this award aims to promote and reward written work which addresses one or more aspects of cultic phenomena or which deals with the various areas of intervention in cultic environments.

Annual Award Presentation: During the ICSA’s annual conference (International Cultic Studies Association) organized in collaboration with Info-Cult.

Award: The winner will receive a $500 CAD prize.

Literary Genres:

  • Scientific and /or academic production;
  • Text for professionals;
  • Literary work (novel, poetry, biography and others).

Eligibility criteria:

  • The proposition must have been completed during the previous year prior to the closing date of the competition;
  • Language of written expression: English or French.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Quality of the work (writing style, mastery of the language, accessibility, etc.);
  • Interest, contribution and relevance of the work for a better understanding of cultic phenomena, individual experiences and / or methods of intervention;
  • Potential impact and longevity of the work.

Evaluation committee:

  • Composed of members of the board of Info-Cult and/or external evaluators as needed;
  • Experts in the field.

Deadline: March 1st of every year. 

Please send submissions to infosecte@qc.aibn.com


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